LS 30

LS-30 All-in-one IP system
Input Power
15VDC/400mA regulated.
Standby Current
Transmission RF
426MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz as requested.
About 100m to 350m @open field, 25℃ (Depending on sensors).
RF Receiver Type
Super heterodyne.
RF Security Code
16,777,216 combinations with check sum for each type of sensors.Over 4 billion combinations in total.
Communication Link
PSTN (Telephone)/ GSM/ Ethernet
Telephone Dialing
Pulse/Tone selectable.
Preset Telephone Number
10 phone numbers, one pager, 5 GSM/SMS numbers, 2 CMS data links (both with PSTN and GSM numbers).
Voice Recording
120 seconds in total.Emergency announcement in 6 segments, 13 seconds for common segment, 4 seconds each for Panic, Burglar, Fire, Medical, Special and Latchkey/ Power segments.
Event Log: Max
512 records.
3 LEDs, 2x16 LCD panel with blue color backlight.
Sensor Zones
Total 288 zones. (Burglar zones x 128, Fire zones x 64, Controller zones x 32,Medical zones x 32, Special sensor zones x 32)
Memory Back-up Time
Min. 3 months after power break.
Battery Back Up Operation Time
About 15-26 hours standby. (depends on back up battery type, only for the operation of the Base Unit)
14 passwords each with max. 8 digits.
Wire Sensor Input
3 sensor inputs, each can be assigned as panic, burglar, fire, medical or tamper.
Alarm Out
230V AC /3A rate relay contacts or DC output selectable.
Delay Activation Time
0- 255 seconds programmable.
Digital Interfaces COM1(RJ9)
UART (0-5V, 9600/ 8 bits/no parity/1stop bit) For RS-232 Adaptor, USB Adaptor, 10M/100M Ethernet Adaptor and Data Communication Module.
Digital Interface COM2(RJ45)
(for GSM module and X-10 switch control interface)
GSM module
UART (0-5V, 9600/ 8 bits/no parity/1stop bit).
X-10 control
X-10 protocol for the control of 16 units X-10 switches or Relay Modules.
Remote Display Memory
30 characters/set, total 10 sets.
Internal Siren
110dB at 30cm distance.
Internet CMS protocol
Proprietary Scientech Protocol (ST-I, ST-II), CSV and SIA ADM-CID (2007) IP Alarm protocol.
Clock Accuracy
Within 5 seconds daily.
Telephone Line Cut Detection Voltage
20V+/- 4V. (this function may not be used in some countries.)
Operation Temp
Storage Temp
248x180x52 mm.
About 950 g
EN50131, Class 2.
LCD display and voice prompt
Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Slovenian and Japanese.

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