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Elderly care

The proportion of ageing population is increasing rapidly in most countries, and many elderly people live alone. How the younger generation care about their aging parents efficiently?

Q: What are the things that the elderly people don’t like?

A: Privacy is violated: so NO camera or wearable device should be used.

Daily life is interfered: so DON’T call me too frequently when I’m fine.

Q: What do the elderly people need?

A: Please help me when I need.


Usually the daily life of the elderly people is regular. When they have mental or physical issue, it would reflect on their sleep quality or the frequency of access toilet. Therefore, if a system can monitor these then it can send a message to the younger generation to remind them to contact their parents when the living pattern is abnormal.

What you need is just install some PIRs, door sensors and vibration sensors at specific places, through Livingpattern cloud/app you can know your parents’ activities easily by smart phone or tablet.

Home automation

You can control the smart plugs or the relay switches in LifeSOS system easily by a mobile phone at any place and any time.

Besides, you can specify a plug/switch for each of the sensor in LifeSOS system in advance, and when the sensor is triggered the corresponding plug/switch would be activated automatically.

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